Beautiful You.

These beautiful words are a quote from the amazing Chrystalina Evert; who with her husband Jason, run the website: Chastity Project and has her own site just for women: Women Made New. Both are amazing and full of great information and encouragement! Check both Chrystalina and Jason out on Spotify! They also give great talks that you […]



Pancakes? Again!? 4

It’s nothing new for me to post about pancakes… There’s this one, and this one… this one has bananas, and this one has blueberries! Let’s not forget about this one made with coconut flour! Wow. Maybe I’m obsessed… Oh well! Can’t say I want or will change anytime soon So let’s talk about pancakes again! Kodiak Cakes. […]

Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card! 13

Anybody out there grow up watching obsessing over Arthur? Everyone?! That’s what I thought So hopefully the title of this post was a little familiar. If not, let me remind you… Yeah. You’re welcome. Back to the story at hand… Guess what I did the other day? Anybody? Anybody? I GOT A LIBRARY CARD! Didn’t […]



Watermelon Slush 2

This summer has been a pretty mild one here in the Midwest. Some days I honestly thought it was September, not July! But this past week summer has decided it is done pretending to be fall. The sun shone brighter, temperatures got higher and humidity was back with a vengeance. What does that call for? Ice Cold […]

Love notes from God. 2

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be hard for me to remember just how big God’s love for us is. I try to put it in a box, conditionalize it, and more impossible yet-put it in human terms. The problem is: God’s not human. His love is not like our love. It’s bigger. Better. Stronger. Unfathomable. […]



WIAW…all thanks to OChem 1

So this WIAW owes it’s success to Organic Chemistry, the new love focus of my life. With a condensed 5-week class, I’m basically spending 90% of my time spent awake in our chemistry building. But it will all be worth it when the class is over and I don’t have to worry about it during […]