Lessons from the little ones.   Recently updated !

Something hit me this morning at mass. It wasn’t in the readings, or the homily, or even the music. It was in the two year old sitting in front of me. Sometimes the Holy Spirit gets pretty creative in how He wants to speak to you. …but I guess this isn’t the first time God […]

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Break means one thing… PANCAKES!   Recently updated !

Now that it’s officially Christmas break, some things in my life have changed: 1. NAPS For more great shirts that show “YOU CAN’T EVEN” click here.  2. Activities! All the activities, whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it! 3. Having enough time to put actual creativity into breakfast… because I have NO […]

So this is finals week… I think I’ll roast some veggies   Recently updated !

Finals Week. It’s suppose to go like this:   But….. my hard test was on Monday and I have to stick around to take one more final on Thursday… night.. A girl can only study so much! And with all my friends actually having tests and study sessions and such, this pretty much summarizes my life. […]


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Earnest Eats

Earnest Eats are a specialized cereal company. They sell energy bars, granola bars and planks and hot cereal. They also have what is called the Earnest Cause: FIVE CENTS, UP TO $15,000 ANNUALLY, FROM EACH SALE SUPPORTS THE INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE’S MISSION TO LEAD REFUGEES FROM HARM TO HOME. But what is the International Rescue […]

I’ll have my coffee with… protein!

“I’m going to need the double venti free trade mochaccino half for here but half to go” How’s that for a coffee order? I’m definitely not that bad when it comes to ordering a cup of joe, I can drink it black… but truth be told – I do like to jazz up my coffee! My favorite […]

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Beautiful You.

These beautiful words are a quote from the amazing Chrystalina Evert; who with her husband Jason, run the website: Chastity Project and has her own site just for women: Women Made New. Both are amazing and full of great information and encouragement! Check both Chrystalina and Jason out on Spotify! They also give great talks that you […]