If we all learn a lesson, we divide the costs…

Recently I bought something that turned out to be a dud, I should not have fallen for the marketing ploys… so what’s a girl to do? Call her mom and whine – Duh! Which is exactly what I did. And like any good mom would, my mom looked at the big picture and used reason […]

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The Frozen Bean… long time no review

So a while ago, I was given the opportunity to sample some products from the Frozen Bean - a company that sells specialty desserts and drink mixes, there are sooooo many products! I was given some of their new 50/50 blends to sample (reduced fat and reduced sugar) They were soooo good! Here is the nutritional […]

Creamy Lemon-Vanilla Rice (healthy & delicious)

So recently I’ve been pretty into hot breakfast cereal! It probably won’t last long, seeing how it is suppose to be 80* here today!!! What the what!? Needless to say type I’m pretty pumped! Break out the shorts, flip flops and country summer tunes Anywhosies… back to warm breakfast cereals… my usual (I was going […]


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Words of wisdom (not my own…)

Recently I read a really great blog post that a wonderful friend showed me recently and I wanted to share with you lovely readers… I don’t know if any of you can relate, but I sure can! So I thought I’d share Why am I still Single? “I must not be attractive enough.” “I’m too […]

Too Long!

It has been a disastrously long amount of time since I have posted last Let’s all just thank school, projects (of the group kind…yikes!), tests, work and the like… Alright, we done venting about those things? Yes! Because I’M ON SPRING BREAK! Holla  anyone else use ‘holla’ an obnoxiously excessive amount? Just me? Whoops… Well […]

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WIAW – best day ever! 1

So recently it seems like I’ve had one best day ever after another! I’ve been so blessed and every day God shows me how blessed I am. Whether it be the sunshine, visit from an old friend, or just having the stuff needed to make my favorite meals! So here are some of the eats for a […]